Someone you love, care deeply about has cancer. Maybe that someone is you. Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Immunotherapy hasn't worked.  

What now?

Don't think for 1 minute it's over. Don't think for 1 minute there is no hope. Hope exists and it's called Rick Simpson Oil. 

We're a group of family & friends.

We offer HELP and ADVICE. 


1. CBD OIL - Readily available online from Amazon or Holland & Barrett as there will be zero traces of THC. Cannabidiol (CBD) is effective pain relief for Arthritis, Lupus and to relieve conditions from Anxiety, MS, Crohns, Insomnia and even Parkinson's.    

2. THC OIL - Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can kill cancer cells. Some people have gone into full remission. THC is incredible for pain relief with 20 x anti-inflammatory power of aspirin. High dose THC otherwise known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) primarily kills cancer cells not CBD.  


There are two structures in most cells that sustains life; one is the mitochondria, and the other is the endoplasmic reticulum. The mitochondria primarily produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that provides the necessary energy. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a loosely bound envelope around the cell nucleus that synthesizes metabolites and proteins directed by the nuclear DNA that nourish and sustain the cell.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a natural fit for the CB1 cannabinoid receptor on the cancer cell surface.
When THC hits the receptor, the cell generates ceramide that disrupts the mitochondria, closing off cell energy. Disruption of the mitochondria releases cytochrome c and reactive oxygen species into the cytosol, hastening cell death. The increase in ceramide disrupts calcium metabolism in the mitochondria, contributing to cell death.
This process is specific to cancer cells. Healthy cells have no reaction to THC at the CB1 receptor. 


9 FAQ's

Who are you?

We are not a company or a business. Simply put we are just like you. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, family and friends who have all been affected by cancer. We have jobs, careers, mortgages just like you. We have done extensive research into Rick Simpson Oil UK and are discreetly spreading the message of HOPE that Medicinal Cannabis Oil can bring to families. Please note we are not medical professionals nor are we associated with Rick Simpson. We are strictly not affiliated with any Individuals, Companies, Websites or groups on Facebook, Blogs or any Social Media, including a Lebanese pharmaceutical group called "Capsule of Hope". We are CAPSULES OF HOPE (with an S) and we are 100% private, discreet & confidential. 

Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson was a Canadian THC producer and is now a THC advocate and activist. Crucially the distinguishing difference with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is the percentage of THC. Ricks Oil is high in THC (circa 80%+). He cured is own skin cancer with Oil he made himself and went on to successfully treat over 5000 people with his potent Oil. Rick never hid his actions from the authorities, infact he video-taped patient testimonials and handed them in to the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. He even went as far as the United Nations with all his success stories.

There is so much info out there but we advise you stick with Rick Simpson, his protocol and his official website - he is the pioneer of this Oil.

Rick Simpson Oil Protocol

Folks need to consume a minimum of 60 to 90 grams of RSO for best chance of remission. Those who have had Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy may need more. There is a remarkable case of a woman in America who was cancer free after just 30 grams. She had Ovarian cancer and took vaginal suppositories. Choosing Oral v's Suppositories will depend on where the cancer is and how much time people have on their hands.

GOAL. To consume 1 gram of RSO per day / each day for 60 to 90 days. 1 gram per day is the magic number as this is what we hope will reset the Endocannabinoid System rotating cancer cells into a position for the THC to bind to - shutting off cell energy and destroying them. 

ORAL. 60 grams in 90 days. 4 weeks EXTRA is needed to gradually build up tolerance with small amounts to avoid a head high.

SUPPOSITORY. 60 grams in 60 days. Suppositories largely avoid any head high so folks can immediately go in at 1 gram per day capsules. 


To date we know of remissions from Stage 4 Prostate, Lung, Breast (HER + Triple Negative), Lymphoma, Rectal, Bone & Stomach Cancers. Also complete pain and symptom relief for Lupus, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Ulcerative Colitis sufferers.

High Profile Success Cases in UK

The following success stories have had National media attention in the UK and we highly recommend you Google them:

- Joy Smith - Featured on ITV with Holly & Phil. Joy had weeks left to live until she resorted to RSO

- Lynn Cameron (Scotland) - Cured her terminal stage 4 brain cancer with RSO

- Billy Caldwell - Mum flew to Canada to source high percentage THC Oil to successfully treat son Billy's severe epilepsy


In an IDEAL world you would use:

1. Organic Indica Dominant Cannabis Plants.
2. Use a Distiller when extracting the Oil.
3. Strictly two washes ONLY.
4. Strictly NO DILUTION. 

Alkaline Diet

There is an emerging narrative about the benefits of an Alkaline Diet. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg believed cancer and other diseases cannot even survive in an Alkaline environment. Adopting an alkaline diet is recommended and simple to do - just google a list of alkaline foods.

Did you know...

UK Government licenses the World’s Biggest Medical Cannabis Industry and is the World's Biggest Producer / Exporter of Medical Cannabis.

1. Ex UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s spouse, Philip May is the largest investor of GW Pharmaceuticals which profits from Cannabis drug Epidolex. 

2. UK Home Office Drugs Minister Victoria Atkins’ husband is managing director of the UK’s largest legal cannabis farm and main supplier to GW Pharmaceuticals growing 45 acres of raw cannabis to supply GW to manufacture Epidiolex.  

How to CONTACT us?

We are a friendly bunch and are always keen to hear more about your journey and to also share more about ours. Please contact us here using the contact form.


  • 50% ENGLAND, UK

    (Medical Prescription Only. Not available to cancer patients) 

  • 30% CANADA



  • 8% USA

  • 1% GERMANY

    Currently being reviewed to reduce it down to 0.2% to fall in line with German Narcotic Law. (June 2020)

  • 0.6% ITALY

  • 0.5% AUSTRALIA

    Reference: The Office of Drug Control.(www.odc.gov.au) - July 2019.

  • 0.2% Spain / Sweden / Brazil


With the legal limits stated ABOVE please do treat with caution any Company or Website who say they can ship RSO to you. Rick Simpson Oil is considered 80% / 90% + THC. If it was possible to openly produce Rick Simpson would be there making it for people and probably giving it to them for free.

With the risks involved chances are you may not be receiving legitimate Oil.

Excerpt from Rick Simpson:  ''Authentic oil can be 90% + THC, therefore it cannot be legally shipped / posted as THC is illegal to just simply "post" it anywhere if simply bought on a website, so avoid any claims that the oil can be simply bought online.. because it cannot. Do not buy oil online as you will be scammed.'' 

BARCELONA LAW: We have had many queries regarding websites emerging from Spain, Barcelona claiming THC (RSO) is legal. This is false. While Spain is progressive in it's decriminalisation of personal cannabis use this does not apply to Oil. The legal THC Oil limits remain at 0.2%. (Ref The EMCDDA ).

Look out for ....


    Premium quality buds. Appearance, aroma, taste, terpene profile are all exceptional and vital in producing the most potent Oil. 


    Carefully cultivated in a controlled setting from seed to harvest. The entire process should be without toxic pesticides, metals, molds or contaminants. 



    Low quality cannabis rarely grown for quality or with much care at all. Producers at this level are purely profit-driven producing compromised even diluted Oil in vast quantity. 

Personal note

Hearts are breaking every single day due to cancer. We truly hope one day in the not to distant future the Government & Cancer Research can come together and build a pioneering Medical THC research facility, exploring all the possibilities Cannabinoids can bring in healing people & saving lives. Until then, unfortunately Rick Simpson Oil remains under cloak and dagger in the dark - yet we have seen it bring so much light!

"Take it seriously and act fast"

We have seen remissions from a multitude of Stage 4 Cancers and even recovery for individuals who have been end of life in a hospice with morphine drivers fitted. Believe there is absolutely still hope even when you feel there is none and know you are not alone - we have been there, we understand and we are right here.  

"Time will pass regardless, fill it with hope"

Visit Rick Simpsons official website www.phoenixtears.ca for step by step instructions on how to produce the Oil. Click here to see a really good YouTube video of Rick making the Oil in real time. It's a simple process but it is precise and as a result many people don't feel confident enough to produce the highest possible quality of Oil.  Bottom line is you want the best possible Oil for you or your loved one. If you feel unsure or have questions just get in touch with us.


Cannabis is highly effective in treating pain and inflammation. It does this by working with the endocannabinoid system, which controls pain and inflammation.

Not only is THC a strong anti-inflammatory and pain killer it is also a bronchodilator, anti-spasmodic, muscle relaxant, a powerful neuroprotectant and antioxidant. It has 20 times the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin and twice that of hydrocortisone.

If CBD drops haven't worked then small dose THC may just be the answer to a pain free life! 

Those in England check with your GP.

Leap of Faith

We have so much crucial information regarding Rick Simpson Oil UK and so many inspiring stories of healing and remission. If ever there was a time to take a leap of faith and contact us... it is now. We are right here, you have found us. Whether it is for you or a loved one, take that leap of faith.♡